Michali's Batmitzvah

13/11/2016 - 25/12/2016

This Event Is:   Finsished
Owned By:   Amanda Bradley

Image Product Name Model Required Bought Qty to Buy Unit Price Action
Artscroll Five Megillot Five Volume Pocket Set 5937-83418-Art ₪291
Chumash Rashi K'Pshuto 5 Volume Set Small 17.5cm 4689-65946-Chu ₪130
Daat Mikra Atlas 2911-41054-Daa ₪120
Discover-Answers for Teenagers and Adults to Questions About the 2029-28706-Dis ₪65
Jastrow Dictionary 3341-47074-Jas ₪145
Kehati Mishnayot Full Size w/Bartenura 2097-29658-Keh ₪424
Mikraot Gedolot HaMaor Chumash Benoni 2199-31086-Mik ₪350
Mishna Berura-Medium-Leshem 2101-29714-Mis ₪135
Mishna Torah Moskowitz Pninim 2165-30610-Mis ₪270
Nach Mikraot Gedolot HaMaor Small 2202-31128-Nac ₪390
Peninei Halacha: Harchavat Brachot 3622-51008-Pen ₪38
Peninei Halacha: Harchavot Shabbat 4395-61830-Pen ₪47
Peninei Halacha: Pesach 3608-50812-Pen ₪38
Peninei Halacha: Shabbat Alef 3606-50784-Pen ₪38
Peninei Halacha: Shabbat Bet 4388-61732-Pen ₪38
Pirkei Avot With Rishonim Pirkei Avot With Rishonim 5773-81122-Pir ₪34
The Aryeh Kaplan Anthology Volume One 3094-43616-The ₪121
The Aryeh Kaplan Anthology Volume Two 2009-28426-The ₪121
The Aryeh Kaplan Reader 5060-71140-The ₪121
The Touch Of Tehillim:Stories and Inspiration on the Psalms 6077-85378-The ₪242