Naomi Fine's Bat mitzva List

13/04/2017 - 30/06/2017

This Event Is:   Finsished
Owned By:   Rocky FINE

Image Product Name Model Required Bought Qty to Buy Unit Price Action
Daat Mikra 5 Megilot 3076-43364-Daa ₪51
Haggadat Nechama (Ivrit) 5145-72330-Hag ₪79
Ima Shel Malchut 2143-30302-Ima ₪52
Machzor Rinat Yisrael 2 Volume Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur Benoni Sefard 2307-32598-Mac ₪88
Mikraot Gedolot HaMaor Chumash Small 2200-31100-Mik ₪245
Nach Mikraot Gedolot HaMaor Small 2202-31128-Nac ₪390
Nashim Nistarot B'Tanach Chelek Alef: Imahot 4243-59702-Nas ₪63
Nashim Nistarot B'Tanach Chelek Bet: Ra'ayot 4244-59716-Nas ₪88
Peninei Halacha: Tefillat Nashim 3607-50798-Pen ₪38
Sefer H'Toda'ah-1 Volume 2120-29980-Sef ₪85
Sefer HaChinuch 2940-41460-Sef ₪95
Shemirat Shabbat Kehilchata Volume 1 New Edition 2915-41110-She ₪59
Tefilat Nashim 4245-59730-Tef ₪88
The Cherry On Top: A Kosher Junior Cookbook 3925-55250-The ₪60

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