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A Passion for Truth
Abraham Joshua Heschel..
Harvest Of Kindness: Megillas Rus And The Power Of Chesed Revised And Expanded Edition
In Harvest of Kindness, noted talmid chacham and popular author Rabbi Yehuda Steinberggoes..
Kol Dodi on Megillas Ruth
Rabbi David Feinstein..
Let Me Join Your Nation:The Story Of Ruth, From Moabite Princess To Matriarch Of The Davidic Dynasty
In Rabbi Yosef Deutsch’s skillful hands, the remarkable story of Ruth comes to life as never before...
Meam Loez Ruth
Meam Loez Ruth
Ruth Talk-Questions & Answers on the Book of Ruth
Moshe Pinchas Weisblum..
The Navi Journey:Megillas Rus
Rabbi Ilan Ginian..
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