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A Jewish Philosophy in a Secular Age
Kenneth Seeskin..
A Unique Perspective: Rav Breuer's Essays 1914- 1973
Rabbi Dr. Joseph Breuer..
Ancient Jewish Philosophy
Israel Efros..
Beyond The Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas
Adriaan Theodoor Peperzak..
Daat Dorot
Democracy and Halakhah
Eliezer Schweid..
Developing A Jewish Perspective On Culture
(Editor) Yehuda Sarna..
Emmanuel Levinas Basic Philosophical Writings
Adrian Peperzak Simon Critchley Robert Bernasconi..
Foundations:Basic Concepts Of Judaism
Rabbi Israel Meir Lau..
Genesis And Jewish Thought
Chaim Navon..
God in Search of Man-A Philosophy of Judaism
Abraham J. Heschel..
GOD Is Proof Enough
Walter Wurzburger..
Horeb-A Philosophy of Jewish Laws and Observances
Samson Raphael Hirsch..
Jewish Philosophy and the Crisis of Modernity
Essays and Lectures in Modern Jewish Thought Leo Strauss..
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