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Teshuva, mistranslated as 'repentence', really refers to the process of returning to the path that leads to spirituality and to G-d Himself. As none of us are perfect nor capable of achieving perfection within the first years of our lives, we are bound to make mistakes. G-d, in His infinite compassion and mercy, has provided us with a tool beyond comparison. This tool allows us to actively pursue the Path of G-d, even post-transgression through the admision of guilt, feelings remorse and enacting boundaries and cautions to avoid repetitive behaviour.

Eating as Tikun
Susan Schneider..
Jewish Outreach: Halakhic Perspectives
Rabbi Moshe Weinberger..
Jewish Outreach: Halakhic Perspectives
Rabbi Moshe Weinberger..
Pathways to Teshuvah
Translated by Shraga Silverstein..
Pathways-Jews Who Return
Richard Greenberg..
Teshuva: Restoring Life
Rabbi Reuven Leuchter..
Teshuvah-Inspiration, Stories & Practical Advice
Rebbetzin S. Feldbrand..
The Baal Teshuva Survival Guide
Lisa Aiken..
The Gates of Repentance Pkt
Rabbeinu Yonah of Gerona..
The Practical Guide to Teshuvah
Rabbi Shaul Wagschal..
The Road Back-A Discovery of Judaism
Mayer Schiller..
Thoughts for Rosh Hashanah-Tikku B'Chodesh
Rav Avigdor HaLevi Nebenzahl..
Tit'haru-The Ten Days of Repentance
Rav Avigdor HaLevi Nebenzahl..
Return:Your Path To Lasting Change
This is Rebbetzin Heller's step-by-step guide to Teshuva and lasting change..
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