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A Journey of Heart and Mind-Transforming Jewish Learning in Adul
Lisa Grant, Diane Tickton Schuster, Meredith Woocher, Steven Cohen..
A Modern Heretic and a Traditional Community
Mordechai M. Kaplan Orthodoxy, and American Judaism..
A Prophet For Today
Rabbi Steven Pruzansky..
A Scent of Eden
Collected writings of Rabbi Meir Shecther..
A Wholly Life
Mishe Kaplan, M.D...
Adieu To Emmanuel Levinas
Jacques Derrida..
Adjusting Sights
Haim Sabato..
Against All Odds
Gedaliah Fleer..
Ancient Roots & Modern Meanings
jerry Diller..
Apples from the Tree
Rabbi Moshe Young..
As Heard From Rabbi Wagschal
Miriam Dansky..
As Heard From Rav Weinbach:A Resource Book For Rabbis & Educators
Rabbi Mendel Weinbach.Compiled And Edited By Rabbi Richard Jacobs..
At The Crosssroads-Essays on Ahad Ha-am
Jacques Kornberg..
Best-Kept Secrets Of Judaism
Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka..
Breaking The Silence: Sexual Abuse In The Jewish Community
Edited By David Mandel And David Pelcovitz..
Buber on God and The Perfect Man
Pamela Vermes..
Challenge of Sinai
Rabbi Zechariah Fendel..
Collected Writings in Jewish Studies
Ephraim Urbach..
Coming Home-20 Glimpses From The Road of Return in Modern Americ
Compiled by the Bostonner Rebbe Rabbi Levi Yitzhak Horowitz..
Contemplations:Wisdom For Living
Y. Schwartz..
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