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Jews have travelled through history as two entities: (1) As a people and (2) developing Torah system. We are part of history just as any other old civilisation is a part of history, with shared stories and experiences. We have anecdotes of the lives of the people specifically and nationally as we progress until the moderan era. 

We also have Torah history. This is how the Torah morphed into what it is today. This is how it underwent radical change from being comprised of an entirely oral tradition into an encrypted written codex that we have today.

This section deals with the latter. It will contain all those books relating to specific religious and Torah elements and its History. All books relating to the nation and people as we move through history is recorded in the previous section.

Abraham - Lessons for our Time
Rabbi Moshe Zauderer..
An Angel Among Men
Rav Avraham Yitzhak HaKohen Kook..
Bach Rabbi Joel Sirkes-His Life, Works and Times
Elijah Judah Schochet..
Baron Rothschild
Shlomo Spitzer..
Diamonds From The Past
Ruth Benjamin..
Early Prophecy in Israel
Benjamin Uffenheimer..
Epistles of Maimonides-Crisis and Leadership
Abraham Halkin David Hartman..
From Tradition to Commentary
Steven D. Fraade..
History Of The Mirrer Yeshiva
Dr. Lester Eckman..
Inspiring Lives And Their Lessons
Biographies From The Pages Of Yated Ne'eman..
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