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Jews have lived in Europe since the conclusion of the Talmud. It was once called home for almost two millenia. Our time in these lands were fruitful but were not peaceful or serene. Jews were constant subjected to the harsh Anti-Semitism of the Christians and the European people. 

Although a good portion of Jewish history, at least for Ashkenazi Jewry, took place in Europe. The Jewish people populated the known world and existed throughout the world. This category contains all the historical books relating to Jewish history without depicting Talmudic history


A Forgotten Land: Growing Up In The Jewish Pale
Lisa Cooper Based on the recollections of Pearl Unikow Cooper..
A Greek Jew From Salonica Remembers
Ya'acov Handeli..
A History Of Zionism
Jack Tauber..
A Jewish Archive From Old Cairo
The History of Cambridge University's Genizah Collection Stefan C. Reif..
A Promising Past
Dov Haller..
Alex-Building a Life-The Story of an American Who Fell Defending
Told in his letters, journals and drawings..
American Jewish History and Culture
Vol 5 nos. 1&2 Fall 98-Winter 99..
Echoes of Yesteryear
Reminiscences of Jewish History in the Making: Eretz Yisrael from 1934 to 2000 through the Eyes and ..
Fifty Key Jewish Thinkers
Dan Cohn-Sherbok..
God, Man and History
Eliezer Berkovits..
Gutta: Memories of a Vanished World-A Bais Yaakov Teacher's Poig
Gutta Sternbuch & David Kranzler..
In The Footsteps of the Lost Ten Tribes
Dr. Avigdor Shachan..
In The Time of the Nations
Emmanuel Levinas..
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