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A Forgotten Land: Growing Up In The Jewish Pale
Lisa Cooper Based on the recollections of Pearl Unikow Cooper..
A Greek Jew From Salonica Remembers
Ya'acov Handeli..
A History of the Jews
Paul Johnson..
A Jewish Archive From Old Cairo
The History of Cambridge University's Genizah Collection Stefan C. Reif..
A Promising Past
Dov Haller..
Alex-Building a Life-The Story of an American Who Fell Defending
Told in his letters, journals and drawings..
American Jewish History and Culture
Vol 5 nos. 1&2 Fall 98-Winter 99..
Diamonds From The Past
Ruth Benjamin..
Early Prophecy in Israel
Benjamin Uffenheimer..
Echoes of Yesteryear
Reminiscences of Jewish History in the Making: Eretz Yisrael from 1934 to 2000 through the Eyes and ..
From Tradition to Commentary
Steven D. Fraade..
History Of The Mirrer Yeshiva
Dr. Lester Eckman..
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