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The written Torah forms the basis of our religion. Although it requires interpretation by the Oral Law/Talmud, it is still the written work that was handed down to the Jews from Moshe who received it directly from G-d. Jews, throughout the centuries, have meticiously followed its guidance and teachings as it is the foundation of our faith and value system

A Daily Dose Of Torah Series Three Volume 1 Weeks Of Bereishis - Vayeira
General Editor Rabbi Yosaif Asher Weiss..
A Daily Dose Of Torah Series Two: Volume 12 - Weeks Of Eikev- Ki Seitzei
General Editor Rabbi Yosaif Asher Weiss..
A Haftara Companion
Julian Jacobs..
A Midrash And A Maaseh 2 Vol set
Hanoch Teller..
A Passion for Truth
Abraham Joshua Heschel..
A Rational Approach to Judaism and Torah Commentary
Rabbi Dr. Israel Drazin..
A Treasury of Aggados on Torah 4 Vol
Rabbi Y. Klapholtz..
Abarbanel Al HaChumash 5 Volume Set
Hotza'at Horeb..
Abarbanel on The Torah
Avner Tomasschoff..
Ahavat Torah
Rav Haim Sabato..
Akeydat Yitzchak: Commentary Of Rabbi Yitzchak Arama On The Torah 2 Volume Set
Translated And Annotated By Eliyahu Munk..
Amittah Shel Torah 2 Vol Set
Rabbi Yitzhak Twersky..
Artscroll - The Stone Chumash 1 Vol Travel Size
Commentary Anthologized By Rabbi Nosson Scherman..
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