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There are history books that focus on specific events throughout the course of history, and there are timelines. Timelines are books that, either summarily or with some level of specificity, trace back the entire history of the world from its creation. Within the category, all the books that delineate the history of the world and create a timeline according to the Torah are listed here.

A History of the Jews
Paul Johnson..
Lights of the Exile:Early Acharonim
Rabbi Zechariah Fendel..
Lights of the Exile:Later Acharonim
Rabbi Zechariah Fendel..
Miraculous Journey
A complete history of the Jewish people from creation to the present Rabbi Yosef Eisen..
Sefer Ha-Qabbalah-The Book of Tradition
Abraham Ibn Daud..
The Book of Lineage
Abraham Zacuto..
The Graphic History of the Jewish Heritage
A Unique Encyclopedia Presentation with Illustrations, Charts, Vignettes and Tables The Biblical ..
The History of the Jewish People 2 Vol
From Nechemia to the Present Rabbi Chaim Dov Rabinowitz..
The Masoretic Chant of the Bible
Daniel Meir Weil..
The Phases of Jewish History
Philip Ginsbury Raphael Cutler..
The Sages Volume One
Rabbi Benny Lau..
Through the Eyes of the Prophets Vol 1
Chafetz Chaim on Neveim..
Through The Eyes of the Prophets Vol 2
Chafetz Chaim on Neveim..
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