JBC is working to make the gift registry as efficient and user-friendly as possible. However, we apologise if you experiences any inconveniences as we continue to upgrade our system and make your experience as pleasant and easy as possible.

To Create a Gift Registry

You must have an account with JBC to create a registry. If you do not have an account, first create an account by going to the top of the page and select 'Register' from the 'My Account' tab.

If you already have an account with us.

  • Logon and you will be directed to the opening account page, where you can edit your details
  • If you are already logged-on, please click 'My Account' and you will be directed towards the account management page.
  • In the account management page, click on 'Create Gift Registry'
  • Fill out all the required details:
    • Occasion: choose of on the options that dedicate the registry so that customer know the purpose of the Registry
    • Date: the date when the special occasion is taking place
    • Registrant's First Name: The first name of the person who is either created the registry or the celebrant who will benefit from registry products purchased
    • Registrant's Last Name: the family name of person who created the registry or the celebrant who will benefit from registry products purchased
    • co-registrant First Name: the first name of a second person (not required)
    • co-registrant last name: the family name of the second person (not required)
    • Shipping Address: The address to where products are to be sent (addresses shown are those that are connected to the account and the correct address, if not shown, can be added later my adding it to account contact details)
    • Privacy Settings: decide if you want to password the registry so that only those who have the password can view it or remove it from the gift search results so that only those who have the invitation link can see it (does not have to be passworded)
    • Gift List Status: decide whether the registry is active or inactive if you still want to change details and add products first.

  • To add products to the registry, search the product you desire, click into it. Once you are on the product page, there will be a 'add to gift registry' button with a present symbol on it (it will be next to the 'add to wishlist' and 'compare' buttons
  • A list of existing registries created by the account holder should display itself on screen.
  • Select the appropriate registry and click 'Add to Registry'
  • There will be a 'success' notification underneath the breadcrumbs bar.

To Manage Your Gift Registry

You must be logged on to use this feature.

  • On the account management page, under the Gift Registry Heading or in the account side bar, click My Gift Registry
  • You will see a list of the registries you created. 
  • Select the registry and its option that you wish to edit
  • Please note that when you edit one of the options, you must save it before moving to the other option. If not, you will lose the information.
  • Edit Info: edit the details inputted when you originally created the registry i.e. occasion type, date, name, shipping details and privacy settings 
    • If you didn't have a shipping address originally and it has now been added to your account, you can select it now. 
    • You can add privacy settings or activate/deactivate the registry
  • Manage Items: Manage products in the registry, add quantity of product desired, add comments for the purchaser, add a priority level (to let purchasers understand what you really want) or remove it from the registry.
  • Share: You can invite as many people as you want by adding in their email addresses, customising the message contents and its subject (this is good for publicising the registry or to send it to desired recipients if the registry is private
  • Gifts: displays how many products in your registry have been purchased
  • Preview: Display what it looks like live to viewers 
  • Remove (available only on the registry list page): delete the registry

Finding a Registry

If you are searching for someone else's registry, you can see a list of active public registries by clicking on the 'Gift Search' link at the top of the page. (You don't need an account to see registries, but you may need to create one to purchase a gift). 

  • Find the name of the registry you are looking for by either manually searching the list or by entering the name of registrant in the search box.
  • Click view. If it is protected, you will need to input a password to continue.
  • Add the products and its quantity to the cart
  • Press continue to continue shopping or checkout