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Judaism does not promote asceticism; we are not monks living on the peak of a mountain away from civilisation. Interpersonal interactions are part of our society and they determine what is truly guiding us and the purity of our heart. Ethics and morality in Judaism is not about civility and avoiding anarchy but we use it to strive to cleanse ourselves of chaotic, unproductive, immoral and base traits in order that it should become who we are and allow us to transcend our own materialistic physicality. 

Morality is not just a law but is also a code of practice. It is a thought and a fundamental, but at the same time, it is no less a transgression to commit these crimes. In this category, you will find books pertaining to ethics and morality, both as an ideology and as a law - halacha.

2nd International Colloquium Medicine, Ethics & Jewish Law
Edited by Mordechai Halperin and Yerucham Priner (Fireberger) July 1996..
Ahavath Chesed Pocket Edition
Chofetz Chaim..
Alternatives in Jewish Bioethics
by Noam J.Zohar..
An International Colloquium on Medicine, Ethics & Jewish Law
Edited by M. Halperin July 1993..
Be A Friend
Rabbi Moshe Goldberger..
Bioethical Dilemmas Volume II
J. David Bleich..
Bioethical Dilemmas-A Jewish Perspective
J. David Bleich..
Biomedical Ethics and Jewish Law
Fred Rosner, M.D...
By His Light-Character & Values in the Service of God
Based on addresses by Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein..
Class Acts:True Stories About The Power Of Caring
Rabbi Nachman Seltzer..
Class Acts:True Stories About The Power Of Caring
Rabbi Nachman Seltzer..
Contemporary Jewish Ethics and Morality-A Reader
Edited by: Elliot Dorff & Louis Newman..
Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover and Other Advice
Rabbi Mordechai Dolinsky..
Encyclopedia of Jewish Medical Ethics
by Avraham Steinberg 3 Volume Set..
Ethical Tales from the Kabbalah
Aryeh Winerman..
Ethics from Sinai 3 Vol
Irving M. Bunim..
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