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Accepting the Yoke of Heaven
Yeshayahu Leibowitz..
Emunot V'Deot Mahadurat Rav Kapach
Rav Saadiah Gaon..
Faith & Folly
Rabbi Yaakov Hillel..
Faith & Heresy
Reuven Agushewitz..
Faith And Courage
Also Included Two Other Historical Novellas : Del Monte and The Pocket Knife Marcus Lehmann..
Faith and Divine Providence-A Guide to Understanding God's Supervision of the World
From the Shiurim of HaRav Chaim Friedlander zt"l Mashgiach at Ponovezh Yeshiva & Yeshivas HaNegev..
Faith in the Future
Jonathan Sacks..
Faith Under Fire-33 Days
Chana Besser..
Hashgachah Pratis
An Exploration Of Divine Providence And Free Will Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz..
Leaves of Faith Volume 1: The World Of Jewish Learning
Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein..
Leaves of Faith Volume 2-The World of Jewish Living
Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein..
Letters To Talia
Dov Indig..
Maayan HaEmunah  2 Vols
Price Per Book..
Our Faith and Strength
Harav Naftali Hoffner..
Portals of Faith
An essential, in-depth guide to The Thirteen Principles of Faith, based of rabbinical sources from t..
Rabbi Avigdor Miller On Emunah And Bitachon
Collected And Adapted By Rabbi Yakov Astor..
Shema Yisrael:Two Hundred Meditations On Judaism's Cardinal Statement Of Faith
The Shema is a cry from the heart, a meditation of the mind and a deliberate declaration of identity..
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