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The Soul Survivor:Reincarnation -Based On The Writng Of The Zohar


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Product Description

Translated and Annotated by Rabbi Dr. Leonard Book From "Gilgul Chozair" by Abraham Amos

Belief in reincarnation has existed from time immemorial. It concerns the majority of the world's population. This detailed narrative places before the reader issues i our lives related to reincarnation in easy comprehensible language. Although this book does not set out ot be n academic work, many sources are referred to, predominantly the Zohar and other works of Kabbalah, scientific studies that have been done, and research progress in this field. The author endeavours to clarify the reasons and the purpose for the existence of this phenomenon. Among the subjects related to reincarnation covered in this publication are:
    How to know if your chosen partner is suitable-Compatibility
    Destiny and Heredity
    Flying Saucers and Aliens
    What's in a Name
    The Science of Chirology - palm reading, and Physiognomy- facial reading
    Heaven and Hell
    Dreams and their Interpretations
    The End of Days
        And more..........