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Rabbi Sacks And The Community We Built Together


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In this book, family members along with colleagues from his rabbinate and teams during that time share impactiful thoughts, stories and teachings from the community we built together which continues to thrive today.

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks served as Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the UK and commonwealth from 1991-2013, during which time his expositions of Judaism and community in particular helped him to become one of the most influential rabbinic figures globally.

 “So many friends and colleagues have opened their  hearts and joined in making this a very special tribute.”  Lady Elaine Sacks


Family members and colleagues of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks from the UK as well as team members from his tenure as Chief Rabbi have joined to produce a new book of many original articles, photos, stories and Torah teaching to pay their tribute to Rabbi Sacks’ impact as Chief Rabbi and perpetuate that legacy – the community we built together. 


In particular, the book contains a Foreword from Lady Elaine Sacks, an Introduction from Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, recollections from Rabbi Sacks’ family and contributions from the Dayanim of the London Beth Din.


The book comprises seven main sections

  1. Rabbi Sacks and Torah teaching;

  2. Rabbi Sacks as a Chief Rabbi and leader;

  3. Rabbi Sacks as an author;

  4. Stories with Rabbi Sacks. These also contain questions for discussion which we hope will help you to draw out relevant personal lessons from the stories;

  5. ‘Answers from the Next Generation’, a section each addressing selected questions Rabbi Sacks posed in his two booklets entitled Letters to the Next Generation (2009 & 2011) and his final booklet, A Judaism Engaged with the World (2013)The answers are written by rabbis who are part of the ‘next generation’ originally addressed by Rabbi Sacks

  6. Working with Rabbi Sacks;

  7. Selected articles published by Rabbi Sacks during his Chief Rabbinate