Torah Personalities

Since the founding of the Jewish people Rabbinic figures - those who have been considered well versed in our sacred tradition have guided those who have not been as well versed. The figures have passed on their message to not just their own generation but have succeeded in immortalising their works in the scripted materials. The early generations began the writings of the Mishnah and the Talmud the latter generations forming commentaries to ascertaining meaning from those who came before them and who knew our religion with greater depth than they. The last of the great generations ended at the holocaust with the period called the Achronim who expounded the Torah further sought to provide a code of law for the masses and clarify its hidden messages for future preservation.


We are still very much dependent on their sacred works as key influencers in understanding our ideology. We rely on them especially we have forgotten so much and we lack the purity they once did. Even today we rely upon these guides to help achieve our purpose and guide us to understanding the Torah and living by it. Here we have a collection of books where you may browse the available works per rabbi of the modern era.