Midreshet Lindenbaum

Welcome to JBC Books. This page and the prices listed are only for students at Midreshet Lindenbaum and orders emanating from this page will only be delivered there.

On this page you will find the sefarim you need in the editions required by your school.
As well as the individual volumes of Torat Chaim required you will also find a set offered as an option. Regarding Tanach a number of different options are here.
Please note that the sefarim are on two pages
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To guarantee that your books are waiting for you on your arrival please make sure to order by August 13th

 Required Texts:
1. Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Machzorim
2. Tanach - either Hebrew only or with English
3. Practical Talmud Dictionary or Jastrow Dictionay or Aramaic Hebrew English Dictionary(Melamed)
4. Talman Masechet Rosh Hashana
5. Talman Masechet Megilla
6. Talman Masechet Avoda Zara
7. Koren Gemara Card
8. Mishna Berura Chelek Gimmel
9. Torat Chaim Bereishit Volumes One and Two
10. Chumash Mikraot Gedolot One Volume
11. Torat Chaim Shemot Volume One
12. Koren Pirkei Avot
13. Talman Masechet Nedarim
14. Talman Masechet Taanit
15. Hakdamot L'Peirush HaMishna Rambam L'Am
16. Sefer HaKuzari Ibn Shmuel Hardcover