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 Required  texts:
Masechet Bava Metzia Oz V'Hadar Edition
Masechet Rosh HaShana Talman Edition
Gemara Card
Torat Chaim Bereishit Volume One and Two
Tanakh- bilingual or Hebrew only
Hilchot Rambam Minukad
Machzorim for Yamim Noraim
Complete Siddur -Weekday, Shabbat and Yom Tov

Recommended or Elective T
A Book That Was Lost
Lonely Man of Faith
Cheshbon HaNefesh
The Thirteen Petaled Rose
Masechet Avot Im Peirushim
Shmuel Mikraot Gedolot
Mishne Torah Rambam Volume One
Daat Mikra Shmuel One and Two
Daat Mikra Yirmiyahu
Daat Mikra Iyov
Masechet Megilla Talman Edition
Practical Talmud Dictionary or Jastrow Dictionary
Ani Maamin
Hidden Heroes
Thirteen Petalled Rose