Orayta Shana Alef

Yeshivat Orayta


Welcome to JBC Books. This page and the prices listed are only for students at Yeshivat Orayta and orders emanating from this page will only be delivered there.

On this page you will find the sefarim you need in the editions required by your school. If you cannot find what you want, are having problems navigating or would just like some advice do not hesitate to e-mail me, Michael Rose, at jbc123@bezeqint.net.

JBC offers special prices to Yeshivat Orayta students. Any available discount is automatically applied when product is added to your cart (once you are logged in). No further action is required.

To guarantee that your books are waiting for you on your arrival please make sure to order by August 26th

 Required Texts:
1. Any Siddur
2. Frankel Rambam Sefer Mada
3. Masechet Ketubot (Oz V'Hadar or  Talman Edition, not both)
4. Masechet Bava Metzia (Oz V'Hadar or Talman Edition, not both)
5. A Letter In The Scroll/Radical Then Radical Now (it's the same book)
6. Artscroll Pocket Hebrew/English Tanach
7. For those who choose Chumash for Afternoon Seder - Torat Chaim Shemot Volume 1
8. For those who choose Halacha for Afternoon Seder - Mishna Berura Chelek Gimmel and Pninei Halacha Shabbat Volume 1